Can someone please help me with this portforward??

I’m a newbie and I would like to create a Gmod prophunt server , which everything is now fine until I realized that my server is not in the Gmod server list and I need to do port forwarding but my router version is not list in the portforward site ,and I’ve done static ip . I hope that someone can help me to fill the blanks .

I’ve tried to do it myself but the port still closed .



Please help me , I appreciate it much Thank you .

And my modem model is : ADSL-RIGER-DB120WL which the portforward site have lower version of Riger routers.

I’ve never used those routers, but if you’d like to add me on Steam I’ll give you a hand when I get back from work. I’m sure we can work it out. If you’d download Teamviewer I’ll remote in and show you how so you can do it next time.

so u can black out his screen and disable controls for him?

I really hope that u can help me out . I’ve been googling for weeks about this port forward as I’ve done with the server files.

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what do you mean disable controls by teamview??

You must have some serious trust issues. You do realize worst case scenario you can just hold down your power button. But I’m pretty sure Teamviewer has protection against that anyway. They’d always be a way to get back in control.

Plus, I’m not a cunt.