Can Someone please help me with this.

How would i code a box that pops up in the center of the screen with two text fields.
Looks like this:

I have a concommand that functions fine, i just needed a box with a name and password field which runs this console command

RunConsoleCommand("bw_join", joinnametext, joinpasstext)

The command works fin, i just needed a box that opens when i press F2 To join the faction.

Whomever can help me with this i will reward you with something.

This is the wrong place to post this according to this you can make this easily by following

Ok thanks, Any help will still be much appreciated

Is that code for gm12?

Yes it is, however Garry did not changed anything much relating the derma libraries however he did change the following:

DComboBox is swapped with DMultiChoice.

DSysButton was removed. This panel used the Marlett font to create icons such as the close button for windows. This isn’t needed anymore since we’re using GWEN skins. Plus it didn’t work properly on Mac anyway.

DBevel is removed. This panel was purely decorational - so it shouldn’t be hard for you to replace.

DColorMixer.RGBBar is now DColorMixer.RGB. GMod13 using Grocel’s DColorMixer

Not too much has been changed you can still use
just don’t use DSysButton and you should be fine.