Can Someone Please Hex This?

I’ve been dying to have this in GMod ever since I saw it in the workshop. Can someone please hex this?

I’ll love you if you do this, whoever you are.

Jason278 might do this. In fact, I think it is already ported. I’ll check

EDIT: No this has not been hexed yet.

I heard he was doing another project and didn’t want to annoy him with this.

I’m confused, is this a model hack for heavy or does it replace an item? I only downloaded tf2 to hex stuff from it and get the models and maps, so If you tell me that I could do this for you.

Sorry if this seems rude, just did it for humor really:

In any case, I’ve been trying to hex this myself but to no avail. I’ll leave it to someone who’s actually better at hexing stuff from TF2.

Gave it a physics model since it didn’t seem to have one

Thanks Jason!