Can someone please import this model into the Source engine?

It’s made in 3DS max. I’ve experienced countless problems importing models into the source engine before, so I’ll just stop trying.

My gratitude to whoever does this. :v:

Also, I’m not sure if the source engine supports smoothing groups…
If it does, can you please add some to all the circular areas of the object?

Missing materials.

Hint: Upload the materials you’ve applied to this model.

I used the material libary materials, and since I then don’t know what materials you have, I’ll just have to ask you to do it yourself.

It’s extremely simple. Just those general colors would do. No need for fancy texture mapping.

Okay, I’ll just whip those textures up.

Thanks a lot dude.

Pretty sure this works fine even though I haven’t tested this in game, so take some pics of it and show me.
I made the collisions very good. (Fixed)
(Or just rename the .vtf file called 1.vtf and the 1.vmt file, and inside the .vmt number 1 to 4.)

Great job. Only two things:
Scale down a bit. (50%?)
Fix the texture on the tip of the thing.



Good or too small? (Sorry, I don’t know how big/small you want it to be)

Woah apply some smoothing groups

It should prove to be handy.
Can you make it a biiiit bigger? Like this:

And re-name the small one laser_small. Both can be used. :v:
Thanks for your time and effort yet again.


I’m a complete retard in the world of 3D, but won’t that increase the poly count?

Satisfied yet?

Dude, that’s perfect.

Glad I was helpful,

Nope. That’s the point.


Look, all I did was weld the vertices together (was this made in max?) and apply some smoothing groups. There is the same number of polygons and like a third the number of vertices.


Now that cone has smoothing errors, but as a modeler you need to find a way around that.

Well, the model is relatively small anyway, it won’t matter.
This one I’m making however:

Could use some smoothing.
It’s going to be this large:

Uh, I already made your model dude…

Hem… the beta was 26th, and when I’m short of time I didn’t really have a choice since you didn’t reply. Got to get the models up so the coding can get up to speed.

Huh, I probably wasn’t online, anyways.

Well, new mission: needs the same job as the thing above. Preferably with some smoothing groups. Textures may be MIA, but just make it gray-ish. A saw-blade like color.
Needs to be this size too:

That’s the last model I need imported. :kiddo:

I’ll leave that to someone else because I suck.