Can someone please make a Wakka ragdoll from FFX?

I tried for many hours to make one on my own, but I just can’t do it anymore. So many mistakes, so many roadblocks, and so many errors. Apparently I made the collision incorrectly because it just shows up as one big blob in the model viewer. And I can’t get the textures to show up in the model viewer.

Anyway, I’m saying this just to show that I really did try to do this on my own, but it finally got the best of me.

So can someone that actually knows what they’re doing please make a Wakka ragdoll?

EDIT: Would it be ok for me to post the files? (like the original .obj and .tga files and also my .max files)

PM me. I’ll do it, I was gonna rip the models myself, but I apparently lost my FFX disc, and I’m having a bit of a hard time finding them on google. my internet connection kind of sucks.

-> model resource
Do not bump that thread.

Thanks plasmid. now if I can figure out why the importers for MAX and blender hate these psk files.