Can someone please port this over to Team Fortress 2?

I’m asking if someone kind enough could port this model over located here:

I’ve followed a tut but it got me no where which is why I’m here. If it’s not already obvious, can someone port this over to replace the Team Fortress 2 sniper’s model?

As an incentive if someone actually wants to do it I can throw in some games (Albiet most people have them). Those games being:

-Aaaaaa- regard for gravity
-HL2 (+Episodes)
-Opposing force + TFC

^A few or most of these games for this ‘request’. For those savy in Tf2 and want to look nice- I can throw in a Col Rolue if you want.

I posted it in the Tf2 section and was told it’ll need re-rigging and what not (and a possible team colour change for her hair)

This belongs in the requests section. Look up on the Model/Skins Main page, You should see it. next to releases.

TF2 - 1: You can just put it in TF2 by copying and pasting it

TF2 - 2: If you are just looking to replace the model completely, it would require someone to re-rig the model.

Portal: Same as the TF2 instructions.

Opposing force + TFC: Since this is a different game engine, you can’t copy and paste it and expect it to work. Someone would need to port it to that engine, and re - rig it.

AaAaAaAaAaA: A Disregard For Gravity: Same as the Opposing force + TFC instructions.

Those are the games he’s offering as a reward, not the ones he wants the model ported to :v:

Yeah. He’s correct. :frowning:

The silence is murderous.