Can someone PLEASE tell me ALL the characters that File.Write hates?

It seems that File.Write hates more than the standard \ / : * ? " < > |
but it hates even MORE characters, so one simple question. What are ALL the characters that file.Write hates?

I’m doin’ something like this
for ,shitchar in pairs({"\", “/”, “:”, “", “?”, “”", “<”, “>”, “¦”, “|”, “’”, “$”," “,”!","@","#","%","^","&","”,"(",")","-","+","=","{","[","}","]",“¥”,";",“€”}) do
name = string.Replace(name, shitchar, "
Someone PLEASE tell me there’s an easier way to do this!

Mileage may vary by operating system, but according to Microsoft, these are the reserved characters.

Instead of blacklist, whitelist only a-z (A-Z you should lowercase), 0-9 and _ and you’re done.

[lua]local bad = "a string ::something// "…string.char(188)

local good = string.gsub(bad, “[^%w]", "”) --^ means not, _ means underscore, %w means all letters and numbers. Replace anything that isn’t an underscore or a letter or number, with an underscore

– a string ::something// ¼
– a_string___something____

Thanks you guys, I knew I should have white listed, just didn’t know how.