Can someone Plz pretty plz restart Facepunch Ireland

facepunch Ireland has been down for about 14 hours now and im pretty sure we all would like to play on our only days of called the weekend … plz fix this

There are so many posts about servers being down and too many hackers, 95% of the time they are official servers. Find a good server in the community section with active admins. You will have a much better time.

Still down :pcrepair:

You should really check out community servers I have only seen 1 hacker compared to the average 2/3 a hour on official servers (rustafied being pretty bad).

Enough, Can somebody take care of ireland official server? Ireland server continuously offline. You are opening Offical server but don’t check is it online !!! It was almost 24 hours.

Please forum users, don’t suggest playing in the community server. i love ireland offical server. but the server will be permanently closed, our business is difficult. somebody please deal with this situation.

When is Ireland coming back , give us some info !

So guys it´s Monday – Time to do some work!

Serveradmin(s), Communitymanagement, anybody?
Can anybody pls pick up his phone and at least contact somebody in charge?

When running a server – in any business – uptime is and important factor.
You just managed to hit under 90% on one more for your OFFICAL servers!

Bolloqs this is even more than less than unhelpfull I’m going for a bp grind on community

i would, if i could :smiley: