Can someone port the "Left 4 Dead" Train models?

I just love the look of them, and (though I don’t own the game (I can’t run it so shut up)) I would really love to see them on tracks, especially the grain and car carriages.

Is it possible for someone to port the train models over <3?

(P.S. It probably is in a way “illegal”, but it’s only a few models, it’s not like I want the whole damn game ported. Besides if it’s illegal, go complain to valve about the zombie ragdolls and stuff on

Those trains…they just look so…

:q: :flashfap:

Added notes for god’s sake:

-Can’t even run the menu for L4D so don’t mention about ME porting them over
-I don’t want the cars, trucks, planes, etc just the trains
-I’ve already searched on but you all don’t consider searching for what I’m asking for.

(User was banned for this post ("Asking for Source content" - PLing))

Type L4D into search ¬.¬ Seeing as you must be lazy to have not even bothered with that heres the link ^^

Also if you actually had the game they’re really easy to port yourself (all the L4D content is).

i love your avatar comrade:Black-ice!


but i dont really think the trains are relly that great!

:downsbravo: for reading the thread thinking I wanted cars. :saddowns:

But seriously, you think I actually haven’t tried that before?
I also mentioned I can’t run the game (when the demo came out) because the menu always crashed. If I had the game I’d gladly copy the materials and models folder over but no, I don’t have them.

Hello comrad Soviet.

I just want the train models, if that’s apparently too much trouble :frowning: