can someone port the silent hill mannequin

please do it

(User was banned for this post ("Making the same thread 7 times." - postal))

Oh my god

Please leave


Are you seriously going to do this again? Haven’t you made like 7 of these threads already? You can’t keep on making multiple threads of the same things. Just bump the one you already have, and stick with it, and if someone says it’s not possible, or if no one answers, then stop asking, or wait a while.

He can’t bump his old threads, people call him out and then he starts calling everyone shit and then tells them too fuck off, resulting in the banning of himself and the closing of his threads. After he’s unabanned, the cycle repeats, until a mod comes to their senses and realizes a nice permanent IP ban would be good for him.

Just stop…

You still don’t know your unwelcome territory?

This guy needs a good kick in the dick.

What dick?

You’re never going to learn

[sub]and then he replies “just port the models that’s all I need”[/sub]

he never replies anymore just makes the thread and leaves.

fucksake not again