can someone port this to gmod

Hay guys I made a 3D model of my head and put it on Battlepope’s Short sleeved guy model. Can anyone make it an NPC and Player model?

Here’s the link for the model it’s a .obj file and has all the textures.

Here’s Battlepope’s Short sleeved guy model

Any pictures? also I highly doubt that someone will make this.

yeah i can get some pictures of it

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Hi Dave!, hows the band going?

More like Shaun White.

Battlepope didn’t make that model.

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Also that thing looks terrible. It looks like some awkward teenager’s head with a female hairstyle.

That’s not exactly an uncommon appearance these days.

The head itself is beautiful, hair, eyes, and everything else, not so much.

jesus that scared me facegen does not work well in all cases I assume

well if no one is going to make this then does anyone know of any good tutorials?

She is beautiful :v:

And exactly what picture did you post that showed you were female? You only posted a rendering of your head model and one where your head was on a short sleeved male body. There’s no need to be angry over people not knowing what was never stated.
And to be fair, I’ve known an awful lot of guys that look like girls.

Yeah sorry about that my friend went on and he just wanted to troll.

They have an edit button for a reason. .

Classic. Blame it on the imaginary friend. I’m on to you.

Why do you look like that one girl from those harry potter movies

ok i get it i look like a bunch of different people anyways, did anyone attempt to make this yet?


If they did, they would of said so, and personally, i doubt this will be done.