Can someone recommend me a HUD for my darkrp server?

I know I’ll get tons of shit for having a darkrp server and for trying to make it at least a LITTLE unique, but can someone recommend me a HUD?

Also, if there are any other mods you think would be good on a DarkRP server that’s trying to break away from the RDM stereotype, please recommend those as well.

I can code you a HUD

Heres my honest opinion if you really want to use DarkRP:
Use a base besides madcows (It has cross-hairs, I suggest the CSS Realistic Weapons pack V4). Make every single weapon cost a ton, have the running speed set low (450 perhaps, maybe 375) Set walk speed to 200 or so. Edit every single weapons lua file so it has tons of recoil and is not accurate for shit (Besides snipers) Have only one job spawn with a weapon (Police) and just give them something that reduces someones walk speed or just stun them so they can’t move.

Heres what I would suggest if you consider another gamemode:
Use Tiramisu, modify it to your needs. (The group works something like this, you designate someone the leader of said group, said person(s) can recruit other people into their group and etc, give someone you trust lead of whatever factions, regulate gun flow, make updates every so often.)

Seriously? That’d be awesome! I don’t need anything like revolutionary, just something unique that people will remember. If you have any spare time to code other things I could probably pay you. It won’t be a ton of money because I’m tight on cash right now but it would compensate you for any work you did.

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Did most of what you said. I’m done adding CSS realistic weapons pack and made weapons cost 2-3 times what they do on most servers, and no weapons are available in non-shipment form. I didn’t set any class to spawn with weapons other than cop. I’m in the process of adding recoil to the weapons.Although I didn’t modify run/walk speed, didn’t really like that idea too much.

I don’t like the idea of having people run at blazing fast speeds of 600-800 because that’s too much.

Doesn’t DarkRP already have a more realistic walk/run speed?

In either way: I’m glad that you’re at least trying to make a more original DarkRP server. Something I’d suggest is implementing a gui menu that opens up during your initial spawn, and forces you to set your roleplay name. Another nice feature would be so that players have to apply for a job in-game.

I’m pretty sure the default DarkRP run speed is 600 ish and walk speed is 300 or so

function GAMEMODE:HUDPaint()
This is the best HUD in my opinion.