Can someone recommend me a server?

Does anyone have a good EU server which gets fairly populated 40-50+ people on. Preferably modded, but with no /tp.

Leave some IP’s below and i’ll check them out, mature admins only please, thank you :slight_smile:

40-50 people server=
100% kos
75% people flame,racism
getting raided by the first night 75% second night 85% and third night 99%…

if you consider this good… just go to a server with 40-50 people :stuck_out_tongue: they all are like this more or less…

I’m just trying to find a freshly wiped server, well I’m not really worried about the 100% KoS, pretty easy to deal with and I don’t really get raided lol :slight_smile:

TheStevieJ: you can take a look here to find some good servers:

If you don’t want that, I recommend this server:

Good staff there, they use their own custom scripts and they have a neat stat system on their webpage. I enjoy playing there.

I might give that server you recommended a go, looks like a decent player count and the website looks professional, so hopefully like the staff, thanks :slight_smile:

I can recommend the server “Wilkommen Zu Hause”. Its a german/EN server, where (as a non german speaking player myself) you can always talk english and get replies.

Friendly staff, active players, a lot of friendly people and above all: No admin abuse.

Edit: Link :wink:

Pretty much what you described, just not EU and average people online is 20~35 (So far). Fairly new server, lots more people coming on daily so player count has been going up. Theres also no TP commands. :stuck_out_tongue: