Can someone reskin this HL2 boat for me?

Hello. Hope this is the right place. I am looking for someone nice enough to reskin the HL2 boat models/props_canal/boat001b.mdl for me, and all its gibs accordingly so they make sense when attached together:

I need it for a really big Garry’s Mod piece I’m working on. The pose is divided into about 20 layers or ‘levels’, and the boat is the main part of the very first level which is closest to the camera, and I need its textures to be extra juicy and HD to fit in with the rest of the picture.
Here’s a render test of the first layer:

I want the wood to have more detail, added with a slightly grungy look to it. Something close to this. The texture itself should be a bit darker than the original.
The reskin needs to be added to all of the boat’s gibs so they make sense when pieced back together.
Currently there is a differentiation in materials between the boat’s wood and its ledge which is brighter and looks differently - I need this differentiation to stay and even exaggerated.
I could really use a bump map texture that will light up accordingly with bump map shadows when illuminated from different angles.
And most importantly, to keep these textures within the texturing style of HL2 - just more detailed. I don’t want a boat that looks like it was taken from TF2, for example. And not too HD!

If it matches and works with the pose, I’ll be sure to use it and give credit to the reskinner in the final publish.

Thanks a bunch!