can someone rig these GTA IV models

can someone rig these models. luis, johnny and, mori from EFLC. YOU NEED 3DS MAX AND GTA 4 TEXTURES.


Do it ive been waiting 2 weeks approximatley for these

By GTA 4 textures I mean Spark IV to open the textures and export them

i asked jason278 and henry townshend. no reply yet

Try your luck with simkas too, he is good at it

Hlf-Dead i know has experices with Rigging.

well i know hlf dead maybe ill ask him

Did I reminded you that simkas have GTA 4, and is good at rigging?

henry townshend said he might

Oh come on, banned? wtf, ok, I need them too, so please can you do it?

I can extract the textures, SparkIV wasn´t working but now it can

how did he get banned? And now all they have to do is rig Them to Gmod.

Yeah, I will keep bumping the thread, we don´t care if the OP is banned, anyway he may be looking at thread right by now and wants the models even if he isn´t there to comment, so please do it, not only him but more of us want the models on GMOD

I know a guy who could possibly Fabricate these models referencing the images, but until you get Spark IV to work your shit outta textures.


I mean rig, my bad.

Rig referencing to images? The models are right there, gonna work out the textures, there is also another pack which, for fucking christs sakes the OP was banned an some hypocrite people just doesn´t give a shit about it anymore, yes, he is banned, he did something wrong, but some people here want those models

Gonna bump it so you see

He was banned by flaming :stuck_out_tongue:

Come on, anyone working on it?

Add faceposing like Dimitri on

Did anyone ask ShtGnguy?

Has any of the people you asked for help actually answered?

Most of them are pretty busy with there threads… But Townshed said he might.

Well, ask him hoe the progress is going

I only need Mori, the other ones were request by the OP


Oh WHAT THE FUCK man, Henry Townsend banned too?



That is fucking it, I am requesting to Simkas

what did Shtgnguy and Hlf-Dead say?