Can someone rig these Saw characters or atleast just 2 of them?

I just wanna know if someone can rig these few characters from the Saw game, if not all just the hooded figure and pig mask is fine. Oh and the pig mask has two body textures, a red ribe and black robe

Here is the PSK files, textures and original skeletons-


ding ding, you rang as a true SAW fan i will definitely help with pig head, Amanda, coughcheap asscough jigsaw and Obi, and possibly the retard guy with the box that just runs into shotgun trip wires basicly he is Steven Sing with a metal box around his head

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wow the download takes forever

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okay just finished d-load and Amanda’s textures aren’t rapping to the model, did you have the same problem when you ripped?? and into your images ??

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also foot note why isn’t detective tapp in there!!

I just downloaded these and there is nothing wrong with the textures or UV’s.

well I seem to have a problem when in 3ds max 2010 that they aren’t applying properly without removing the other one

I just tried it in 3ds max 9 myself, and it works perfectly fine. You must be doing something wrong.
When you say that you can’t apply more then one texture, try selecting elements in editable mesh and just select the meshes you want it to apply to.
Like this:

Then just drag and drop the texture to the selected area.

Tapp isn’t there because I couldn’t find his PSK files, plus I didn’t want to ask for to much. 5 is enough