Can someone rig this as a Garry's Mod playermodel?



provide a picture of the model might help you out

Searches hatsunemiku on the internet


Odd, haven’t seen a Hatsune Miku model like this before.

(Model from OP)

There’s plenty of other Hatsune Models out there (Though this one is far superior).

Would you care to share where you got this Hatsune Model?

That one would be mine, ported from that one PlayStation 3 game. I don’t really go flaunting it around since it was ported as a request from a friend of mine.

I actually have a player model for this Miku, set up by another friend (with some additional polishing from myself afterwards). I’ll have to ask him if he wants me to release it in said pack later, or rather how/if he plans of releasing it later.