Can someone rig this custom weapon to be held?

Hello Facepunch, I recently created a model for a weapon called the Grand Destruction Assault sniper, and I wanted to rig it to be held in-game as a SWEP. However, this seemed to be harder than just setting an origin. So can anyone mind rigging this model to be held in-game?

All I need is for the SMD (and/or QC, whether or not it is needed) plus the required armature needed for the bonemerge to work correctly. Basically all I need is for the model to attach to the hand of a standard character model, which should be ValveBiped.Bip01_R_Hand. I tried adding a bone to the armature with this name, but the gun still gets attached to the crotch.
The SMDs and QC for the rifle is here.
Here’s a picture of the actual gun so far. The texture atm is different, though.

Here’s the NEW texture (among a few of my other non-working weapons):


All I need is rigging. Please.

Any pictures?

Also a better desciption of what your asking would be useful, like what is it being rigged for (I assume it’s meant to be a sniper rifle but i’m not sure from what you’ve said). And are you expecting it to use existing anims, custom anims your going to make or are you wanting someone to do those aswell? And is it meant to be a v_model or w_model, what game?

There are many things you have not specified that are quite important.

Thanks, Silver Spirit. I’ll go ahead and update the topic.