can someone rig this?

hey guys ive tried my best but i cant seem to be able to rig and compile this sgt johnson model in 3ds max :

plz its already in .max format or what ever plz guys can you help cause when i tried it ended up like this:

thx guys pm me for the files if you want to take a crack at it
also youll have to re uv johnsons hat and cigar and little packs

I never said it NEED to be re uv, I said it’s possible if you have the texture and it’s not applying properly to the model.

well in the textures folder there is no johnson hat or any files named cigar do you know how i can get the texture from the game?

Have you tried applying some of the textures you already have to see if they fit? Sometime they are reused and just have different shaders applied but those bits are named differently.

Edit: What game is it from?

halo 3


and i found the hat texture but now that i have a skeleton and have it attached to the model it does not want to move

Umm, I don’t have any talent in rigging, but you may try to decompile a HL2 character (eg.: Kleiner), open up the reference smd, and rigging Mr. Johnson to that bone set. But then again, I may be wrong. I never rigged models.

There’s a default character rig in \sourcesdk_content\sdk\models\player
I’d have a go at rigging it myself, but I’m scared I’d break it and make you guys sad :frowning:

guys i already finished this but it doesnt work nayr is working on him a normal marine and a backpack/radio marine

Ah, ok.
Next time such a problem is solved, be sure to report back to the thread so we all know that you no longer require our assistance.