Can someone Rip the Mannequin from silent hill to Gmod 13

Can someone please do it thanks :slight_smile:

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why are you still here?
if they didnt wanna do it the last 50 times they still dont want to now, stop making threads.

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sniff sniff, sniiiiiiiiiff. yeah it’s gm_ghosthunt again. I mean good god when I was a lot younger I never begged people for shit this much. I mean sure I feel like an mmd model port factory nowadays, but it’s not like anyone would buttstalk me when they had a request. long story short, no.

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join date “today”
number of threads already made “2”
quickly mods get at this spambot before he floods the section.

No i just need this one model then im outta here

I’m trying to figure two things out:

1.) What the heck is what in that picture
2.) Why would anybody ever want this

Its a creature from Silent Hill. Two lower halves of a Mannequin fused together.

Oh lord have mercy it’s this guy.

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You want the L4D2 clown with that?


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Just go dude.

Sorry (not really) to break it to you gm_ghosthunt, but you’re never going to have your requests answered. Coming back on multiple alt accounts to request the same thing over and over isn’t going to get it done. Ever. You’ve already made sure that you aren’t wanted around here by constantly spamming your requests and eventually getting yourself permabanned - this should have been extremely obvious by now.

TL;DR version:
You’re not getting anything. Good bye.

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