Can someone rip this?

Can someone please rip the scientist skin from this pack
I have tried to contact Half-Dead but no response.
I have tried to cycle through the bodygroups but only shows the Russian suits, not the others.
The model in question is the scientist in the lower left part of this pic
PLEASE!!! Someone rip the model. I am starting to get desperate. I missed Valve’s Exile Vilify contest due to Half Dead not responding.
If you’ve read the “Doug Ratmann ragdoll” thread, I requested a Ratmann ragdoll with no luck, then I saw Half-Dead’s pack and saw the scientist and was blown away. It looks very similar to Doug Ratmann.
But because I can’t get it’s skin, that posed a problem for me.
PLEASE!!! Someone rip the scientist model for me. Half-Dead has failed me, I don’t want that to be you, reader.

Why the fuck would you need to rip it if its already on gmod, that doesnt make any sense.

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Also, the scientist? Bitch heres 10

No you asshole, I meant was can someone pull just that scientist model from that thing.
And no dumbass, the scientist isn’t in that Black Mesa pack. If you would read what I said maybe you’d understand.

Im pretty sure he uses a citizen head, and you could take his facemap and put it on the scientist.

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Also, i did read, thank you very much.

Well excuse me, princess.
And it’s not just the facemap. It’s the hair and everything else.
A while back, I posted asking if someone could make a Doug Ratmann ragdoll, and later I found Half-Dead’s pack and seen that the scientist in his pack look similar to Ratmann, hair and everything.
I’m not a modeler, I own no modeling program so I can’t edit the hair on citizens, if I could I wouldn’t be posting this.

Looks similar, sure, but you should ask him permission yourself first, i got him on steam, ill direct him to this thread.

I had contacted him and asked him but no response.
Thank you, sir.

If it’s only showing the Russian suits, you need to try the other model that is included.

I’ve tried both models and they’re both the same as Model 1.

how can you not be able to change the body groups? I don’t get it, other people can but you can’t?

When I change the bodygroups for both models, it’s just the Russian suits for BOTH models.
I said earlier, “I have tried to cycle through the bodygroups but only shows the Russian suits, not the others.” if you would’ve read it…
I never said I CAN’T change the body groups.

I did read im still unsure how that is, the link you provided to the models is a blank screen for me so if you could relink that shit maybe I would test it myself

Here, try it now

my god that model is rigged terribly oh btw I cycled through the body groups on HLMV he didnt even include the scientist body group in it so problem solved, its not there to begin with, both models are the same.

Wow, really? Tell me something, do you have any experience with headhacking?

yes but im not doing it to busy, theres a lot of other people here who can headhack.