Can someone teach me wire?

Hey i want to learn how to use Wire mod in depth. I want to be able to make cars, auto turrets, kill bots, rockets ect…

If anyone could help me please leave a comment below with your e-mail so that i can add you on steam.


Teach yourself, dumbass. You just need to know how each thing works. I’ve put a bit part of my skill in box.

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Teach myself, Dumbass?

I knew there was going to be a 12 year old kid who was going to say that, anyways you don’t just “teach yourself” how to make a Auto aiming turret. So you just wasted 10 seconds of your life posted here.

Yes you teach yourself, wire is simple to learn, just don’t try and make something stupidly hard straight of the bat.

That is the problem with every new GModder, they all want a mouse-aiming turret so they can make ‘minges’ die. Just start making an annoying forcer contraption for god’s sake, like we used to back in the day…

I didn’t follow any tutorials and I wasn’t tutored yet I know wire like the back of my own hand.
So learning on your own is very much possible.

Although being tutored makes it easier, at least if the person tutoring is a good teacher. But finding someone good that’s willing to tutor you isn’t exactly easy, so you’re better off searching for tutorials on youtube like everyone else.

I tried to add you, but couldn’t find you.

add allahbama.

Alrite, anyways thanks for helping. I am at my friends i will do so when i get home.


Well actually, you are completely wrong about me. I want a mouse aimed turret so i can add it to the back seat of my first car i made so that me and my friends can have car wars. And btw everyone can make forcer contraptions… And if i started making all these ““ANNOYING” Forcer contraption” Like you said, “I” would be the minge… See you can’t jump to conclusions about people, wire isn’t simple to learn, it might have been “Back in the old days” But now there is no many more options so many more buttons… So i’d really like if you wasted your time elsewhere. I guess i should make a note in my post topic. “No minges”.

Please don’t take this to any offence, but you of all people. Seem like the minge. Now don’t come back saying that “I’m the minge” because i don’t no wire to well. Instead maybe give me a few pointers. See i’m not good at wire, and i guess if you really want i could be a wire minge, buy thats why i made this post. To learn.


Sorry oppy, i cannot find you ethier, what is your email. It would make this a lot easier.

Wow mate, calm down. All I am saying is start small…

Why are you signing your posts and you could have check here

Oh god. On there’s bunch of tutorials for noobs beginning from simple button-with-lamp and ending with cpu based airplane-robot-boat etc.

I can’t understand why you run to the forums and just yell “Teach me wire pweeeease”. So i should note that joey is not 12 year old kid here. Catch it?