can someone tell me how to port models to gmod 10 please

if you know how please tell me

Depends on what engine you want to port stuff from.

i want to port my guy from roblox to gmod i want to port my characer to gmod but i dont know how to port models can you tell me how or make a tutorial of it

I dont think thats possible for it doesnt run on unreal or directx and I dont believe you can port so you sol unless someone makes it from scratch.

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Did you download Garry’s Mod from Steam?


I dont think he did his profile is errored lol :pirate:

Just make a custom model, Roblox is just blocks on blocks.

can you give me the link to the modeling tool for gmod so i can make it then

You’re gonna need ten years of practice to make something as stupid as a Junkblox stupidbloxian.

Just google one. The most user-friendly one I’ve seen would be milkshape

Budget-wise and form filling-wise, Milkshape wins as well. 3ds Max for example is very expensive, and needs you to fill in a form just for the bloody free trial. Milkshape is cheap, and you don’t need to fill in any forms.

Did you download Garry’s Mod from Steam?
lol? does it matter to you? in the very unlikely chance he didnt thats steam/valve and garrysjob to deal with that not yours you are not copyright police


Stop being stupid, this is the official garrysmod forum, if he pirated it, he gets banned, aswell as not helped.

Why would you need to port from roblox if you can just remake it from scratch in 3ds max under 5 mins using blocks. And a quick photoshopped texture.

Maybe he doesn’t know how to use 3DS Max.

Can I port Clive barker’s jericho models into gmod? i saw a few people do it

Why did you bump this shit homes?