Can someone tell me some good machinima addons?

Hello, I’ve just been looking for hours for some good machinima addons, for instance what kitty0706 uses in his uprising series, or what djy1996 uses for making ragdolls lip sync. Could someone point me in the right direction? I have catmull-roms cinematic cameras which I love, and I know all the basics, I’m just trying to find some really good addons or stools, or sweps.

phys tool and patience

Well first off, i believe he does something with Source SDK to create the audio sync animations, but you will have to look up tutorials for that (, and i recommend NPC Control which can be found here by searching that. It allows you to control NPC’s actions and relations between other NPC’s. it’s quite versatile. You might want to find a good reskin of certain models to match your scenario, but make backup files incase something goes wrong. Nothing much to it, but just like Nemmises says, patience. It will take quite a while. Make sure you script out every scene.

Okay thank you. I do have npc control although I have not used it very much, I should fix that. And I figured out that he most likely uses the source sdk face poser or whatever they call it. And I got a really nice rebel skin from that works nicely with it. Still not sure what kitty uses and i’m sure if I shoot him a message it would be ignored. But thank you for your help.

It’s no problem, just one thing, its hard to record when using NPC Control so when commanding someone to move quickly switch to camera so you can capture the shot without the Weapon showing. Its faster than having to edit and cut every clip.

Yeah I know that much lol. I’ve had gmod for quite a while and more than that before my account was hacked.

Source does this FOR you.

Catmull Animation Camera.

I have it. I think I stated that in my first post.

Ragdolls dont lip Sync Use Faceposer,npc scene and make your own animation

In game SFX:


Garry broke machinma hands Smart one

I’ve unintentionally posted the wrong link, there’s an updated version :

I just was wondering if someone could make ragdoll´s/NPC´s of the marine group from the movie ALIEN 2/ALIENS.
I really want those marine´s but I can´t do ragdoll´s.
I have tried to do them but it didn’t work.
So I just wondering if someone could make them :slight_smile:

Please do not request items/ things on ANOTHER persons request thread.

Anyway, the Cat-Mull camera, probably one of the greatest Machinima tools I have ever downloaded.

I know a useful addon if you’re a scripter.

NPC Scenes:


Cinematic presets 1.0:

Machimina Sweps:

All I can find for now.

Thanks all!