Can someone tell me the console comand to hide your weapon?

Pretty self explainatory,
thanks in advance.

Lol, um, you don’t.

really? Im pretty sure their is. I’ll have to look into it some more, but thank you.

faze is wrong, you can hide your weapon, I just don’t know the command. Sorry.

ok, at least I know it’s out there. If you ever happen to come by it, I will award you 150 awsome points to inform me :slight_smile:

I just checked through this list, and no deal. Unless… Nope. Try looking for yourself.

DarkRP you sorta can, ‘pocket’ or ‘keys’ weapons.

impulse 200 hides the weapon gosh, some people just aern’t helpful at all.

thank you, I really don’t want to be picky, but, i was looking for the one that makes you appear to have your hands at your side and when you move your walking normaly. 1,000 awsome points for you.

The hands on your side thing is done by SWEPs.

yeah I saw that, I guess I’ll just use this for now. If anyone does find the console command I’d still like know. many thanks to all of you.