Can Someone Unhex This?

Hi, I found this really awesome Jeep model and I was wondering if someone could unhex it so I can put it in Half-Life 2 (and maybe Gmod). I’m just tired of the same, boring jeep. Here’s the link:


Can someone at least tell me the name of the original jeep model so I can TRY to do this? I just really want this jeep.

All it is is the same ol boring heep- i mean jeep, with a couple body panels. I have it, and trust me, its BORING

Ok. I still want it. Just because you say it’s boring doesn’t mean I’ll hate it. It’s still better than the stupid default jeep.

Ha, bad spelling. When I spelled everything right. lol

Do you just want the model?


Because I have no idea how to do the lua for it.


Nevermind I opened the folder and the lua is included.

I tried to hex it but I couldn’t find where I needed to put in “buggy.mdl”. EDIT: Oh noes I double posted. Sorry about that

No, I don’t want it hexed! It’s already hexed. I want it UNhexed. And I don’t want it for Gmod, I want it for HL2, so it doesn’t need the lua. If someone is going to actually try to do this, read the thread the right way, PLEASE.

Oh that’s what i meant, It was like 3 am and i was tired

Judging from the second screenshot it already is usable as a replacement. If not, though, then here’s a simple way to get it. Copy all the files included to your HL2 directory. Now, extract only the model files from the archive. Rename them all to buggy, but DO NOT CHANGE THE EXTENSIONS! Pop those into your HL2 directory along with the unmodified, hexed ones from the archive. Test it out and it should work.

if you search bf2 theres a replacement version…

Thanks, I didn’t think about that. Really, thanks. :smiley: