Can someone with a working Decompiler give me a hand?

I’ve tried everything in order to get the decompilers i’ve got to work, but nothing works. Therefore I would like to request the assistance of someone with a decompiler that works to do some for me.

The models I would like decompiled are:

Mewtwo -
Falco -
Link -
Charizard -

I’ll do it, one i know your intentions for decompiling :pirate:

cool ty :smiley: (what are my intentions then? :P)

Why do you want them decompiled?

Oh you were asking :S right:

Mewtwo - try and make some anims for it as an NPC and recompile it.
Falco - same as above
Link - attempt re-rigging to valve byped skeleton for use as NPC/Player model
Charizard - I want to know how to attach particles to models and the fire on the tail intreigs me. (also might try anims for that).

Will help me to have something to work to when doing this, as i’d like to learn how to animate the models (though i’m still not sure how to compile the anim mdls).

Fine, i’ll go download them



Charizard won’t load into it, oh well. maybe because it’s not for source, idk.

Brilliant :smiley: Thankyou so much ^^ (shame about Charizard, but it is a source model.)