Can someones makes Gibson Explorer?

I am politely asking someone to please re-skin the GH packs Gibson Explorer to look like the one shown below. I have absolutely no talent or knowledge in this field.

Thank you whoever takes project.

Please dos this it would be really coool.

There’s one in here, just reskin it to have the black.

And stop talking like that, you don’t get any respect for it.

Did you take into consideration that maybe english isn’t his first language?

It is. He’s copying how a character from a TV show talks.

A Brutal TV Show

Ontopic There is one in that GH pack

it is the bottom right, im not sure if it is hexed but ask the creator to reskin it in black

1- I already linked to that.
2- Of course it’s hexed.
3- Reskinning it to black would take 3 seconds. He doesn’t need to ask the creator.

Well I am Garry’s Mod retarded. I have no idea how to reskin.

1-I did not see your link, and for that I apologize.
2- Again in my nature of being under-skilled at model work I sincerely apologize.
3-Assuming that the person of whom requested the model holds no modeling skill(thus the individual would have re-created the simple model himself), he would need to request a re-skin, so if you are so sure that this task will take 3 seconds maybe you should give it a go.
Also might I add that I joined this forum not a day ago, so please forgive my shortsighted mistakes.

thank you.

I have re-written the request.

There is one in this pack.

Really you don’t need to throw that extra S in there. That is just annoying.
Every time that show comes on I nearly have a freaking seizure because of the into.
Anyway, on topic. To reskin something, simply get GIMP or photoshop if you are willing to pay money, get the color you want, add a new layer, cover what you want in the color you want, then put the layer to overlay and boom. Reskinned model.