Can something be done about Dev99 arrow exploit?

So this happens everywhere now on every server and its unplayable until fixed.

would be good to know how it’s happening and how they are managing it.

That’s amazing holy shit

If anything, this makes me really excited for non-conventional siege weapons. A machine that fires concentrated volleys of arrow? Yes please

That or 50 naked all firing bows but that not as impressive as this hackers Legolas Impersonation.

On my official facepuch server 3 hackers with aimbot played 6 days till wipe, facepuch only banned 1 of them but he just bought new rust copy on fresh steam account and played with same nickname with no problem.

So I thing they dont care of hackers for this time.

It’s fixed, garry just tweeted.

Yeah, so many cheaters banned.
Wait, no, noone.

To the ignorant person who keeps insisting nothing is being done about cheaters, you do realize several thousand have been banned since VAC and EAC were added to Rust over time. I am not staff or anything, but I am sorry that the current anti cheat has to verify if something is in fact a cheat and not lag or a legitimate glitch. I guess you feel cheats being updated to circumvent VAC/EAC for even longer, as well people being punished for when the occasional glitch that could be mistaken for a cheat happens are a better case than the current situation.

I am also sorry that all it does when it does ban someone is ban their account, leaving them able to repurchase the game. While I’m sure you’d love it if it murdered them for cheating or stole all of their money so they can never buy Rust or anything else ever again, such actions are unethical and well beyond the scope of modern anti cheat technology.

Link to that tweet?

Really? You can’t Google the words “Garry” and “Twitter”?

How do you function in everyday life? :suicide:

Ah ah no was at work. Can’t stop to fuck with it. Go FedEx

fixed sweet.