Can`t connect to Central Europe ( It is not down )

I can connect to all servers without the Central Europe one. The server is not down or anything, because alot of others are playing on it. I have restarted my PC completly ( I was gonna do that anyway ) and still it just stops on the rust. alpha test screen after it have downloaded…

When I press f1, it says:

Connecting to (server ip)
Connecting to server…
Connection Failed!
uLink got error: ConnectionFailed

On it!

It started when the game crashed while I played on the server

Well, I restarted them all. All good!

So it should work? If so, thank you so much!

It works, thanks


They are offline again T_T

That was never the problem though

And no

and french go down too.

DDoS. We’re actively addressing the issue, please switch to UK meanwhile.