Can`t download legacy server filed

Hi ,all
i am cant download legacy server i am used app_update 258550 -beta legacy and app_update 258550 -beta but this command doent load server legacy help me please…

Try the search function.

As far as I know, the legacy server files have been removed in recent updates. Its not a bug, they’re just not there.

Would anyone trustworthy make a torrent for these files? I would gladly seed.

Not sure if we have permission to distribute the files. I haven’t seen it explicitly stated anywhere.

vach i send u a message

Please search the forum, this issue has been resolved by downloading the files from the correct branch.
Searching the forums will gain you this information.

The files weren’t in the right place when this thread was posted. The OP was doing the right command but at the time the branch wasn’t actually working properly.

Use your brain before posting as well as the search function.