Can`t join on servers.

Hello dear community.
I make it fast and explain my problem: Can`t join any server.
After I join any this is where I get stuck

I can hear sound but if I press anything nothing happens, and if I press MOUSE click it says RustClient.exe is not responging. I can only close it otherwise itll stay like that forever. What Ive tried:
Setting on lowest resolution 800x600 and on Fastest graphics, tried pretty much everything.
Disabling SLI and even running on CPU`s graphics xD
Reinstalling, moving it on ssd ECC
Nothing worked
Before saying that I have a bad pc, this is my rig:
i7 4790k
maximus hero vii
8 gb ram 1866mhz
gtx 970 strix (SLI running)
Windows 7 64 bit
All drivers are updated.

Same happening here, tried everything, veryfied integrity of files, fresh install, update windows, my graphic is updated.

PC specs: intel i7-4770K
ram 16gb
windows 7
nvidia geforce gtx 780

Same issue, just did a clean install after not playing for a few months.

Bump, nobody can help us? We`ve just paid 13,99, not 1 euro. Please be understanding, we want to play this game.

I can’t even start the game, maybe wait for the next update.

Bump it bae