Can talk in chat for first 10 seconds after joining server, also buildings dont show.

i have been playing on my own server with 15 others today, and in the last hour playing as i was for the last 4, my chat stops working and i have to relog, after reloging i can chat for about 10 seconds, then nothing shows up, also my base doesn’t show up until i relog also, when i do relog i relog in a place that i was at previously but didnt reconnect at, its like my game is being disconnected without it saying but still running, other players dont seem to have this issue asides from one other of my team members, and its only happened in the last hour or so, my console is showing no need for an update and that im still online so im rulling that out as a possible cause.
also sometimes its showing reconnect even when im in the game still, i can return and use all menu whilst im still in a game. also i cant use fires or anything for that matter game still says connected. have restarted steam and nothing changed.
weird how it was all running fine for 4 hours then on the fifth it does that :
Have screenshots but they are being iffy so will post when i can.

Oh and an edit i can still see what others are saying in chat, just cant see my own.
Also seems to happen more when i copy and paste something into chat?