Can the community help out with cheaters?

Recently I’ve been enjoying the “I NEED TO APPEAL FUR BAN I DIDNT CHEAT BRUH” threads to then get answered and closed with the OP banned from the forums because of “positive detection of paid cheat software” etc.

I mean seriously, great job guys! It’s so satisfying to read these honestly.

Now, I’m aware this is probably a stupid question because it’s not feasible and stuff but…
Is there a way we as a Rust community can help out?
With such a big playerbase it must take a lot of time to go through all the ban appeals etc. etc. even though it seems pretty easy to resolve these cases systematically.
Think about systems like Overwatch in CS:GO for example, is there maybe a way to create a system where we can help out (there’s plenty of people that would love to spend some time to help out I’m sure)?

Again, this might not be possible or helpful for whatever reasons that I’m not aware of (and I apologize in advance if I’m an idiot for proposing this) but if it is, I think I speak for the community when I say that we’d love to assist.

the eac guys do a good job of it as things stand right now, but if you do want to help with reporting hackers, post a tweet on the rust hack report twitter page:
but when doing so, please remember to link a steam ID of the accused, names by themselves won’t do.

Agreed, they’re doing great! I know about rusthackreport twitter but it’s only relevant in those few occasions where I personally run into cheaters, I wish I could do more :wink:

Actually, this can mess more than help. In CS:GO i try sometimes verify reports, an all i see is just lucky in the gameplay match, i see this guy shooting randomly at wall and pick 2 kills, even they get a kill in first 2 shots is just lucky not more. All other times the guy just is really fast and accurate. but some people will accept this as hacker. Saying is using hack, but trying disguise
OBS: other day popup a message with <Player i Hate> has banned from using hacks or somehing like that. I loved


I imagine EAC doesn’t really get very many ban appeals for Rust directly. What with how a majority of ban appeals are posted on these forums. And even then, its an automated system.

Once upon a time. I playing BFH, and i as commander, in this game commander have the skill that turns me invisivle, if someone get really close can barely see, so ok. in one match, a guy just get upon a rock in the middle battlefield zone and shot at me from really far… sometime skills make the invisibility useless not the case, i put a record and get stopped close to the guy, but far enough to not possible he see me, he did kill me without think about, i uploaded the video on youtube as private and pass the URL to anti-cheat system. in the players search, the hackers as gone for good, but the number of hacker grow to fast i pull out this game, even expend a lot of money in it :confused:
Rust i see less hackers and better anti hacker system, i hate hackers because of no challenge it’s is use one, and end the game to others

That’s a good idea but this is huge to implement in a game and requires a lot of infrastructure that doesn’t seem to exist just yet. You need to think about some sort of gameplay footage streaming, spectator mode and so on… If done right that’s heavy.