Can the Crouch button can stay active without continuous pressure on it

Is there a way to make my crouch button act like an on/off switch… one press and it stay crouch until I press it again?

Basically, you want it to be toggle-able.

I’m not currently aware of an existing option for this. They should make it an option though - most games have that these days.

Autohotkey is a decent work around until (if) they implement a toggle system.

Sure! Break your legs! :smiley:

Autohotkey is all based on scripts of the user so yes it does have that. (At least I think so)

Does Autohotkey pass the scrutiny of VAC and Cheatpunch?

I’ve been avoiding it 'cause I don’t want to be banned…

Autohotkey does not change any core game files, it just does key presses for you.
It will absolutely not get you banned.

Is Autohotkey not a Bannable program?

edit: … Sorry same question… take to long to press the submit button :-/

i have a small weight i created from smashing together 2 small pieces of bone marrow until very dense. it works well for holding down the crouch key.