Can the model conversion tool "Propper" be used on SteamPipe?

Has anyone managed to get “Propper” working now that everything has migrated to SteamPipe? It’s the tool that converts hammer brushes in to models:
It’s not compatible with the latest engine and it’s no longer possible to configure it in 2009 mode, as far as I’m aware.

I really need this tool to work again so that I can continue working on my five year late Star Trek map for Garry’s Mod.

Thanks in advance.

I’m afraid your only solution is to put HL2 or so on the non-steampiped version, then do it from there. If you need the TF2 textures or so, just dump your content

Is it still possible to have HL2 in the old format though? I think every source game has migrated to steampipe now.

The only way I can think of doing it is maybe start steam in offline mode and install the game from the original 2004 Half Life 2 DVD. Perhpase once doing that it’s possible to update the game to a level that Propper supports, without actually converting the game to the new file system. You don’t actually need to run the game to use propper; it simply needs the files to be in the old format.

Just tried it and it doesn’t work. Installing it from the DVD only places the GCF files and doesn’t put anything in the steamapps\USERNAME\half-life 2\hl2 folder. I tried to update the game in Steam but it wont update without converting to the new format.

I swear Valve don’t actually want people to make maps easily… STOP CHANGING EVERYTHING!

If you happen to have a game that you haven’t Steampiped, you could probably use that.
Literally none of my games that use Steampipe’s Hammer work anymore, so when I map now, I have to use HL2:EP1 and move it over to the game’s folder to test.

I rebuilt me PC a few months ago and have none left in the old format. I’ve tried restoring an old CS:S backup but you can’t verify the integrity of the game cache without converting to the new format either.
Source SDK is giving me MountFileSystem (242) errors.

I don’t think Propper will ever work and I’m fresh out of ideas. Need to somehow contact the developer and ask if they will update the program.

If it’s just simple brush models you could easily remake them in a program like Sketchup. Sketchup even supports importing of vmf files.

I was able to boot up the old Source SDK and used propper on the 2009 version. Then I copied the compiled model files across to the new SDK and everything worked out fine.

It’s a pain in the ass but it gets it done.

Can I ask how you have Source SDK configured? When using it in 2009 or 2007 mode I get the “access denied” error when attempting to compile a model, and when using Source Engine MP I get hammer grid and texture issues.

I tried using HL2 and Counter-Strike Source without success, using both the SteamPipe hammer versions and Source SDK.

Thanks wazanator I didn’t know of this. If I can’t get Propper working I’ll try Sketchup.

Solved it! I made a temporary sourcemod using Source SDK which provided the old folder directory structure, and then set Propper up to work with it.

What I did exactly was:

  1. Open Source SDK and put the engine version to “Source Engine 2007”

  2. Choose “Create a Mod” under utilities

  3. Choose “Modify Half Life 2 Single Player”

  4. Set the mod directory to something like: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\sourcemods\propper

  5. Name it Propper or whatever
    (This should automatically create a “Current Game:” with the sourcemod and be already configured)

  6. Open the Propper game in 2007 mode

  7. Add the propper.fgd to the list from where it should be located according to the old readme: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\USERNAME\sourcesdk\bin\source2007\bin

And it should work when you run the map (make the model) with: -game $gamedir $path$file

The only problem with this workaround is that this engine version hammer seems really buggy to use, so I recommend making the model as a prefab in the new hammer and only converting it from the 2007 one.

Thanks for the help guys. I might make a video tutorial to help other people out.

If you could do video tutorial, it will be really appreciated because I have the same problem as you but my model compilation was not completed successfully

Or you can export as a dmx

Hi God!

Sorry to be a total noob but I’d really like to use propper for a SFM project and I’ve taught myself hammer but don’t understand enough to follow your tutorial, are you able to explain in a little more detail how you “run” the mod (and add the .fdg) I’m fine creating the mod just can’t get any further.

Thank you

.DXF*, .dmx is an SFM format