Can these things be fixed FFS

A few major issues I have been having problems with in the game.

Why does the Junk AK shoot 5.56? It shoots 7.62x39 and well the latest “adjustment to recoil” is shit. Such a simple item to research and get right yet the Devs seriously missed it. Better yet buttercup man the “F” and go shoot one.

Why is there only AK’s and not M-16 / M4 variants ? Lever action rifles?

Pump action shot gun, sucks. needs range and damage improvements.

Why is it so hard to make a female model, I mean you cannot find enough online examples or seen one in real life, WTF people. Oh and put some boobs on her sweet geezus, she still looks like a dude.

What ever happened to the automated turrets? The only way to defend your base effectively off line to put enough junk between you and the people trying to get into your base in the hopes they do not have enough C-4 or tools to breach. Land mines and other obstacles are too easy to evade or see in the daylight making them useless. We need booby traps, guard animals, better hidden mines and automated turrets.

Replant trees like pumpkins and corn planting tree seeds would be a nice addition to reforesting areas cut down in the mad rush to build.

Improve stairs model to match door frames. None of the stairs are centered on a door frame.

Improve the ladder. For in base use only allow the ladder to be upgraded to better materials.

Add a ladder hatch. Like a door frame add a small hole to a floor along the edge and a lockable hatch so you can utilize ladders in tight spaces or allowing players more room in smaller bases.

Combat windows or murder holes. Walls allowing the proper aiming of weapons while giving the defender maximum cover. There are some current work arounds but they are not that great.

Secure quarries and oil rigs. Why spend all that time fueling them just to have a player run up and loot them in 10 seconds flat? Put a lock on them or allow proper walls to be built closer to them for protection.

Window frames still absorbing shots. Simply it blocks many of the shots when attempting to fire out of them.

(User was banned for this post ("Don't be rude and demanding" - postal))

I wonder how long it takes until he’s banned…

To me it sounds like “Why is this like this and not like that and this sucks too and how could you not get that right, are you stupid???!?!? I know nothing about programming but I’m a master at complaining about stuff!!!”

When did it become okay to be a complete asshole when making suggestions?

If everything was written like the last 7 lines it would have been a good suggestion thread.