Can this be in Rust please? (Melee weapon concept)

1 x snap trap
50 x cloth
100 x wood

The way I see this working is it will have one of the shortest ranged melee attacks but will do very high dmg and cause heavy bleeding. It will need to be “reloaded” by having the trap reopened after each swing.

Am I a fucking genius or am I a fucking genius

You’re a fucking genius. That’s seriously a fantastic and funny idea. Balance wise, I think it could be worked in, too.

Instead of bones wasting my time and energy to left click them out of my inventory, how about a whole set of bone weaponry

Bone swords / machetes

What about bone sets of armor? These can be the mid-point between cloth armor and metal armor. It will protect from melee and wolf / bear attacks but wont do much against bullets and explosives.

Shoot, why attach it to your arm? Put that motha on the end of a spear so you can drop the spear after hitting the opponent. Otherwise you’re going to be attached to the guy, with one of your arms tied up, and the counter attack is going to be brutal.

It look cool, I guess, and I hate to be a buzz kill-- but it seems highly impractical.

I imagine that the teeth of the jaws will rip out of the opponent if you rip hard enough.

Otherwise it could be a sort of spring contraption where pulling back will release the jaws.

This is more what I was thinking, if we need to get into the thematics of it. But I do also like you’re idea of putting it on a spear, Dionysus. :smiley:

Sorry OP, I meant to rate it as funny, not disagree >.<

EDIT: fixed it

I’d be reaaally keen to see a way to make your own weaponry. A little construction screen where you can make a bunch of prefab shapes (spikes, blades, etc) from your raw materials then drag and drop them in a Spore-style setup. Shape, weight, balance, etc would effect damage and speed, how much bleeding it causes, etc. Throw a bear trap on a chain, shoot rapier-thin shafts of bone at people. I’d play the shit out of that.

It’d be even better if the jaw part of the beartrap could be detachable, maybe even on a long chain so you could punch somebody and have them stuck on the end of a chain

Get that man a Fucking Nacho Hat! He’s earned it!

“The way I see this working is it will have one of the shortest ranged melee attacks”

Yeah, not just the shortest, but in case of attacking, it would be rather a skin-deep bleeding generator than a fatal wound. So similar you said, not much damage, but high bleeding.

“It will need to be “reloaded” by having the trap reopened after each swing.”

Each swing requires the trap to be taken down, then reopened with 2 arms, than taking it back. Pretty damn long to be usable in combat if you ask me, not to mention, that a usual sword would be more useful, and would come to mind sooner than that, aand would cause fatal damage. Its rather some gang beat up tool.

You used a good name, it is excellent for petting. Wolf comes in, it pushes your arm inside while attacking you, his head goes inside the trap, then it kills him by biting his neck, not just stretching the surface. Excellent for these irritating AI coming at you every corner.

What if you want to skratch your nose? You will snap your face off :open_mouth:

I want one on my chest for when I go to sleep.

Looks like something for TF2 Heavy.