Can this computer hold Rust?

Hi, i’m new to these forums and hope to be joining all you guys soon. I recently found out about Rust and I love it haha, I just need to know if my laptop (which is in no way a gaming computer) can play it. Here are the specs: AMD 3-00 APU with Radeon HD 6310 Graphics 1.30 GHz (2 CPU’s), 2 GB RAM, Windows 7 SP1.

I seriously doubt it. Your PC is definitely low-end and Rust is horrible unoptimized, requiring at least a mid-end rig.

i was wondering if there is anything to make unity/rust run more smoothly, sometimes i just get lag/delay spikes what makes pvp a horrible experience

dude, you cant run it, seriously, why would you ask

2 gigs of ram isn’t going to get you very far. if you wanna play rust without having to do much upgrading i suggest at the very least get another stick of ram… but honestly… i think its your ram that is limiting you. since you’re using a apu, i suggest another little (dont take this wrong) crappy amd gpu, that way you can run them both in crossfire… i doubt it would give a huge boost to rust, but to your overall experience with gaming in general it would do you good. i’d say you need another 2gb (i’d REALLY recommend 6gb more personally) of ram, a dedicated gpu (it can be cheap) and if you want this to go farther, buy a 50 dollar ssd for your os and a couple games. Sorry for the wall of text
TL;DR: you need at least 2 more gigs of ram, a faster hard drive, and a dedicated graphics card and you’ll be fine.

It probably won’t run , but if you want to try you can, I mean if it does actually run then you would probably have to turn down all of your settings to lowest possible option, not to mention your FPS probably still be horrible :confused:

More than likely it can, considering it’s Unity.


These are unofficial drivers which should accelerate your graphics to a bit faster to make the game playable, at least.
Make sure, if you can, to make your graphics as low as possible.

If I can play unity games on high, full screen, with 2 gigs of ram and Intel GMA950 at 400 mhz (cap), you should be able to run it.

Amazing how people take the time to post, but don’t take the time to read the OP’s full post.

Wouldn’t count on being able to play the game in its current state, but maybe when it’s released as a standalone game. Don’t waste your money on upgrades for your laptop, those things have terrible lifespans and are expensive to repair. If anything, assuming your laptop has an sdcard slot, you could try getting a 4-8gb SDHC card (has to be high speed) for ~$20 and dedicate it to ReadyBoost. I had a gateway nv53 which could play bf heroes and gta 3 on low settings (choppy but playable). Doing the readyboost gained me a few frames per second. Otherwise, building a mid range pc for gaming could be relatively cheap if you already have a monitor or tv with HDMI.

Exactly! Devs did say that the standalone client is on its way, so things should get “smoother”.

Carry on.