Can this Laptop run Rust?

processor:Pentinum® Dual-Core CPU T4200 @ 2.00GHz 2.00GHz
RAM:3.00GB (2.87 GB usable)
System type:32- bit operating system
OS:Windows 7

don’t care to much about how good the graphics or and dont really plan on playing on max with this PC but was just wondering how good could it run Rust. before I install steam and such and then have to take it off the PC.

any help is greatly appreciated \ ^-^

as long as your graphics card isn’t integrated you can run it just fine on low settings with a decently high frame rate.

Beware! Rust is really not optimised and you can’t really tell if it will run it or not.

3 GB of ram? thats not a lot, and this processor seem old… maybe when the game will come out and be fully optimized you could run with ‘‘decent’’ fps (20-30 fps?)

Most likely not. A dual core pentium is like Intel’s budget processor line. They are meant for work and multi-tasking, not gaming. I am assuming it is paired with Intel HD Graphics 3000, judging by specs, but I am not sure. With only 3 gigs of RAM and a 32 Bit OS, you are going to have some issues. Go invest about 400 dollars in a new laptop or build a desktop, you will have better luck there.