Can this PC run Rust?


Some days ago I made a thread asking how to upgrade my buddy’s pc to play rust on. You suggested to buy a whole new machine. As we dont have to money for a brand new one, we had a look on ebay etc. and found one which isnt that expensive. Now, can this pc run Rust?

CPU: AMD Phanom II X6 ( 6 Cores ) 6x2.8GHz Turbo Boost 3.3 GHz
Mainboard: Gigabyte 870A-UD3
GPU: Sapphire Radeon 6870 1.GB DDR5
Ram: 8GB (4x 2GB DDR3)
HD1: 160GB SSD Intel 320
HD2: 750GB HD HGST Western Digital
OS: Windows 7 HP 64 Bit


How about this one? Its cheaper than the one above:

CPU: Core i7 2,6 GHz
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 560
500 GB seagate Barracuda HDD

Thanks for any advices!

You could almost definitely run legacy. You might have problems running the new version though. If you have a friend that owns it, perhaps you could ask them to share their steam library with you so that you can test?

I have this same processor, and an HD 7950, and I can run both legacy and Rust just fine at 1080p. I do have a bit more RAM than you and my processor is OCed to 3.7 GHZ.

So, to answer your question, yes that PC will run Rust, but whether its worth buying or not comes down to the price and whether you’d be better off just building a new machine.

Really, it comes down to how much this machine costs. Less than $400? I’d consider it but you’d still probably get more out of your money by building your own box.


Don’t base your whole purchasing decision on a single game. You should consider saving up to buy a worthwhile machine, if you can, instead of one to barely meet minimum requirements.

This post isn’t meant as a judgement of the hardware you listed.

Thanks for the answers.

I added a new PC in the first post. The first would cost 400$. The second one 250$.

I have to say that my buddy isnt a PC-Gamer, so the only game he’d play on is Rust, thats the only reason he’s buying a new PC, so we give a fuck about other games.

And we dont have more money than 500$ so a brand new is almost impossible.

the first mobo you posted is old, and so is the processor. really the only advantage over the cheaper system is the SSD, and you can pick one of those up for cheap.

so, the second one is definitely a better deal if all you’re trying to do is play rust.

Go for an i5 or i7 processor, GPU with a min. 1Gb, (pref. 2Gb), and spend ~ $100 beefing up the RAM, (should have a min. 12 - 16 Gb RAM to play Rust really…) * [IMHO]**

I can’t see why Rust would should need more than 8 GB or Ram (and I think if CPU and GPU are good, 8 will be enough). Does Unity require such huge amounts of Ram? What is Rust needing to use all that memory for?

i don’t think it “needs” it, but if the forum is anything to go by it seems to run relatively well with rigs that have at least 8gb, and have more issues on rigs with less, so it would be preferable to have at least that until it is more optimised.

A couple considerations from my observations, for what they may be worth:

  • In the current state, Rust seems to hog RAM. Suspect his is in large part due to the way rendering is accomplished (all objects pushed to local RAM and rendered by GPU only when drawing). The more you can throw at it, the better. Run a full page-file too (Total RAM). Peak commit on of my 24GB has been as much as 12GB while Rust-ing
  • Having run a 560 GTX (Gigabyte 560Ti SOC) at defaults for Rust, I can play at Max-Gfx, however much chop & lag (ie. approx 10-20fps); set to ‘Fastest’ on launcher work just fine (ie. 60-90fps)

With increases to the optimization, I am confident that these demands will significantly decrease to the point that either of the systems you referenced will support Rust, and I agree with Karma that the second system is much better value, especially if you are not likely to use the rig for anything other than Rust.

Good luck.

my rust take up around 8-9gb ram when i run it so ^^ alot new games take alot ram to run game … so you should go for then 8gb ram that not much any more :confused:

According to my dashboard metrics, Rust often consumes 10-11 Gb of RAM at any given time. When I used to run it with 8 Gb, I got under 4 FPS. Now that I have upped my RAM to 12 Gb, I get about 30 FPS, (still not great, buy playable)…

(I don’t just post stuff in threads simply for the pleasure of typing…)

I can believe it eats up or hogs memory, but they should be able to eventually make the game require less than 8 GB of Ram. Think about it - making Rust require more than 8GB of Ram will knock a lot of people out of being able to play. There must be a ton of good gaming rigs that still have only 8 GB, and they should be able to play Rust.

I have no problem waiting for this though. (BTW, I am playing with 8 GB of Ram and it seems to work fine).