Can u use the new wire fence panel as a ceiling on top of your roof

Just wondering if you could place the new wire fence panel around the top of your flat roof ?

and also place it as a ceiling on top of the fence panels to make like a cadge on top of your building ?

Or can you only place it on the ground


You can only place it in a wall frame.

Do you mean the new floor grating coming in on Thurs?

So you can only place directly on the ground …if thats what you mean by wall frame

no its in game listing now

What the floor grill? Cool stuff… are you in the dev branch… or is it the staging branch now… idk.

Anyways, if it’s the one I’m thinking of then sure, even bugs mentioned it on rustafied that it can be used as a roof - and I really want to do it myself, and would be really cool to give you that “outside, one with nature” feeling, but it’s making the raiders job easier lol. I guess on a tall tower?

Wall panels go in wall frames, which go on foundations. If you jump in a game, it takes about 5 mins to figure all this out…