can we add this in the long term to complement the sleeping mechanic ???

So I’ve been developing an indie game for quite some time and it has this exact same sleeping mechanic that has recently been added to rust, with one difference.

Whats the same : when you leave the server, you just go to sleep on the ground. there is no global inventory to store loot, everything is stored server side, so either the loot is on your sleeping body, or stashed around the map in crates, bags, cupboards etc etc.

Whats different : In the game I have been developing you can form groups. Similar to the clan system in WARZ. How does this help you may ask ? Well it doesnt help your body per say … BUT if you are in a clan group and you sleep together it can help. This is because the sound of hostility wakes up all sleeping people as AI. the AI are super aggressive. What this means is the first sleeping person a bandit tries to kill, most likely still dies to a sleeping shot in the head. however it has the effect of waking up all the allied people nearby who are then controlled by AI to shoot/ hack / punch (depending on that players equipment) at any non clan members in the area. This has two game changing effects. 1/ It encourages people to form groups and work together to ensure a higher degree of safety when they are logged out. 2/ There is a mechanic that deters people from trying to kill the sleeping people if they are sleeping with a group, or at the very least make it more of a challenge.

Note : nothing is to stop a large group coming in and all getting ready at a body each and then saying 'GO" and all killing a sleeper at the same time, to prevent any resistance. If you dont kill every sleeper at the same moment, but you fight it out against the AI eventually the AI can all be killed and your raid is still successful. But this is how it would work in a real ‘rust world’ if you think about it a group raiding a sleeping group would do the exact same thing, they would either try to take everyone out with minimal noise to prevent waking everyone up, or they would just kill people as they wake and rush out of tents and doorways in a fight, potentially losing some of their own lives in the process. Additional craftable items like proximity alarms to wake up the AI early would also be a good addition to this mechanic. Anyways think on it dear developers… I really like the concept of sleeping or I wouldnt have it in my own game, but adding this extra mechanic will make it easier to be safer (not entirely safe) and would have the bonus of encouraging people to form communities and safe groups for their fellow mans protection.

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Oh I forgot to add, in my game, if the AI has been awake for 15 minutes without any non members in the area they go back to sleep, at the position where they were sleeping before they woke up. Anyone who has been killed, stays dead until that player next logs in.

Excellent idea

I don’t want to log on and be outside my house because I slept walk

That sounds like the aliens from Falling Skies. xD Awesome! Would love to see this in game even if it doesn’t out so well. :slight_smile: Good luck!

If you read the OP, after 15 minutes of no hostiles the AI would return to your original logout position.

You do of course also have the option of not being part of a group, which would mean you wouldn’t wake up to noise. Also it wouldnt be a bad idea (just thought of it now) if you can set your status between ‘light sleep’ and ‘deep sleep’ where deep sleep means you dont wake up, regardless of being in a group or not.

I don’t think that the option for deep sleep or light sleep would be practical, unless deep sleep gave you some sort of buff. Just over-complicates the situation, because as it stands you’ll either log-in in mid combat, just after/before, or while you’re sleeping. So light sleep would always be the way to go, better defense that way. Maybe make it a random thing if you’re in deep/light sleep?

doesnt really matter how they implement it … if they implement it.

just something loosely along the lines of this idea would be great. for the 2 reasons i stated.

obviously its the dev’s game and if they like the idea, its up to them how / what they implement.

but yeah i would really love to see something along these lines

I would too, I was just saying the options for deep / light sleep are pointless if you always return to your previous position where you were sleeping anyways.

honestly i dont like this sleeping thing. i mean cool if u know the game dont crash on me and im out in the middle of a field or something and have alot of my stuff on me and get killed because i crashed and the players now sleep. maybe have sleeper servers and non sleeper servers?

nah i meant if some people want to avoid their toon waking up and running outside to help other group members in the vicinity and potentially dieing … some people might prefer to take their chances locked indoors and leave their team to it.

but either way some sort of mechanic would be good, however it was done.

love the idea

stupid idea, i don’t want cpu’s playing the game for me, if i die when i’m logged off, so be it

i like it, good idear.

I’m indifferent to my toon becoming AI, however I like the idea of proximity alarms. It would be neat if they could be tied into a notification then emailed to me if triggered by someone not in my group.

That being said proximity alarms might be a bit to technologically advanced for what the game should be.

I’d prefer to be raided when I’m actually online (so that I could attempt a defense), but if I’m raided while offline and sleeping that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

there is