Can we change Player Model scale please ?

Hello, I’m new in Gmod modding and I just maked one player model. I want to make Kenshiro player model (from Hokuto no Ken) and I’ve got a reference armature.
But there is a problem, Ken is taller than the reference armature and I want Kenshiro has his real scale and not armature’s. But if I rescale the armature to Kenshiro’s scale, (I already tried with an other playermodel) the player model will have armature’s scale again in the game and will be distord. Do you know how I can solve this please ? Thank you !

You cant just modify few scale axis from a playermodel, yeah, you can…But it doesnt worth the effort for just that, consider recreate the model so this fits to that guy you are talking about

Yeah okay… But there isn’t an other way ? Because for exemple how can I make a small player model ? (Like a dwarf) Because many people do player models with different scales, but I don’t know how.

What do you mean by “small scale”, sonic player model is not small, just have different proportions, its not the same thing at all since it uses scale 1:1 and different hitboxes than anyother playermodel
That model works like that, becaude the author made it like that, theres no code behind
But as i said, it doesnt worth the time and effort to do such big thing just for an armor, i higly recommend you to recreate the model

In case tou eant smaller in any axis proportions just SetModelScale but i think it willshrink the armor too whenever you attach it

Okay… So in Blender, instead of modifie the armature, I have to modify the model ?! But it’s too hard, and I’ve never seen people make like this… In all tutorials, they modify the armature and not the model ! There isn’t a thing to write in qc file to not deform the model ?

What do you mean with deform the model

I mean the model must have the same pose of the armature. But often, people change armature’s pose and not model’s. D’you understand what I mean ?

Not at all, post pics

Ok, there are two images, I hope you understand !

OOH, everything makes sense now
Well…As i’ve mentioned above, Sonic player model does something like this, they built all animations (Atleast the most important ones) one their skeletons, this happens because you’re using an armature animation set that’s not compatible with yours, i don’t have enough resources to guide you, but let me tell you that people already did this, you can search sonic, mario and even ponies player models that works like do you want

Okay thanks ! So what I have to do is make all animations ? Do you know where I can find a tutorial for this or how to make this please ?

You’d probably have a easier time asking in the modeling section.

Modelîg section ? Where is it de please ?

Oh thank you ! And thank you gonzalolog and Keosan !