Can we do something about melee?

Right now it is a crime against humanity, it has nothing to do with who is better armed or who has better armor. It’s who can abuse the run through you and time their hit with their lag the best. I refuse to abuse something so dumb so I end up always dieing in a melee fight. When they run at me they should not go through me, they should stop.

The rubber-band is real.

this is an issue they are aware of, but shelved it at the moment. It isnt as simple as adding a collision box to players, because players respawn when they die/disconnect from server, so there are a host of abusive issues with collision boxes (google "logging through doors, asherons call) where you can stack people on top of spawn locations in order to reposition the person logging in based on the collision box.

anyway, the solution is to add collision boxes, do a “non-collision cooldown” after spawning", and implement “non collision with no weapon drawn (ie: respawning/disconnecting)” and test them all out.

these issues will be addressed later on, garry is currently running on like 3 hours of sleep working on a item world editor so that his team can implement changes to new items and their functions faster, resulting in more content and more updates.

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view the trello if you want to see how many hours he’s logging on development, and what he is currently focusing on. The item cards themselves will let you know what he’s aware of, and the “recent activity” will show you what he’s pursuing TODAY.

Also keep in mind he’s working with implementing the new Anti-Cheat program. his time is divided.

Can you explain what trello is and how i can find it, i see that thrown around alot but i can never find it, and i dont understand what it is.

give me a Stone/iron Knife and stealth kill option from behind…

Stalking at nights oooooooh yeeeeeeah

Trello is a site that allows developers using a particular software development methodology to list what they’re working on and their to-do list, as it were. It’s basically a development tracker with commenting and the ability for the devs to attach files to to-do list items and move them from category to category (for example, from “Working on” to “For Next Version” when items are finished and slated for the next patch).

It’s linked in the rules sticky, which you clearly still haven’t read.


I guess I’m hallucinating this part from the post I linked, then:

Please call me a jackass again for being right when I said you didn’t read it and you proved me right.

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yep, looks like i missed it, my bad. but my statement stands

Damn, looking at the development page on Trello was disappointing. This whole time I’ve been looking forward to them adding more content and getting excited every time a new patch came out hoping it was the one where more significant crafting items are added. The development page doesn’t list a single new, game-changing item in development. :frowning:

Keep in mind that the devs have a private Trello with spoilerish stuff that they don’t talk about. Not everything is on the public Trello.

Besides, you’re getting way ahead of yourself. In broad terms, alpha is the phase of development where the laws of the universe get set and debugged so you don’t get flung into space because you opened a door. It’s where the foundation of the game’s systems and mechanisms get built and debugged so you can walk around and harvest resources without killer wood piles instakilling you.

Beta is where the laws of the universe are mostly ready to go (there will still be bugs, of course) and focus turns to filling out the universe itself with stuff that uses those mechanics.

In other words, the crafting system is still only partially built, so it’s hard to make new things come out of it when it doesn’t even have the plumbing installed for those new things to be possible. Yes, more crafting items will probably be coming in the future, but the pipes still need to be laid for that to happen.

I had seen that on Trello but didn’t quite understand the purpose of it. Thought it was just for admin’s to change things on their servers. SO glad you explained it, that is very exciting news.

this is a big question , and later this problem are solved for sure mate.

It sounds like what you are saying is that we will get facepunched with a shit ton of content in a short amount of time once you are finished ‘laying the pipes’.

Is that somewhat accurate?

That’s not necessarily what will happen, but it’s what can and often does happen in games that’ve been developing content (models and textures for items, animations, etc.) in parallel with the game engine but kept the two separate. In that scenario, the game gets built using cheap placeholders that prototype the code, and meanwhile the models and maps are being built by their own teams in content creation tools. Then, once the code is where it needs to be to take things to the next level (i.e. usually beta), the process of merging all that content that’s been created in the other room begins, and items and maps and stuff gets added.

This process is slowed because you have to also work out item balance and map dynamics, depending on what kind of game you’re making, but there can be a point where game content is just sitting at the floodgates, waiting to be let in once the code’s ready.

There are other ways of doing it, and the size of your team really decides what you do. If you’re a one-man show and you’re making everything in the game yourself, that changes your timeline a lot. Likewise, if you’re Bethesda and your job is to make the next Elder Scrolls game, you have a lot of money and developer power that needs to go in the right places for this to work.

Ohhh those where the days in Asherons Call :slight_smile: DT for life, sad fact, AC is acutally dieing. In the next month or two it will be F2P for anyone who was a subscriber, but that’s it. With the release of the server code to users in the next year or so for those who want to run one.

Back on track: Yeah the melee combat really needs collision control but as previously stated, it is not a simple switch they can turn on. There is a host of issues they will probably have to tweak / work through.