Can we Ever dig holes for Basements?? please.

I would like to dig holes or blow up big ditches ya know? Have a basement because I feel like I always should need one in a crafting/survival game. Used to all the other common crafting games and you could always make a basement in games like mine craft and seven days to die.
I know this stuff will be worked on after Alfa, but I just want to make sure you guys want to go all the way with crafting and survival/horror events in the game because everything else seems to be going that way.

Why exactly do you need to build a basement when you could just go up? Also, how exactly would they pull that off when currently there is no way for them to make the ground editable?

If you actually find a way to fall through the map, you will just see it’s just paper thin while you are falling to the endless ocean.

Sorry for the wubstep example, but this is probably what he was talking about (there was mentioned about deformable terrain before)

The way the terrain is deformed in that video would be tedious as hell, but I would like to have a small fallout bunker in a small hill.

If we had basements all people would do is try to hide underground which is not fun at all. Hence: Minecraft

basements? I dont like it

Not so much you can do with the ground plane it self, most has to be done in blender, 3dmax etc, then placed on it, so I gather they will do a lot of caves and other interesting hiding places.

This can be done with Unity, it’s only a game design choice.
I think it’s one of the first thing they would have added if they wanted to make the terrain destructible etc.

There are several ways to do this, but none that easily fit within our existing systems