Can we get a new Moderator?

I know this isn’t a screenshot but I feel this is a topic that has been brought up a lot among ourselves but nobody has ever really taken any action when it comes to this;

This sub-forum is mostly ignored by all forms of Moderation and housekeeping, and we really don’t have any Moderators that are actually apart of this community. Our current Moderator assigned to us barely sticks his head in here, not to mention he rarely posts on FP in general.

I know this is highly unlikely but if we could have one of our own here promoted to Moderator status that’d be wholeheartedly appreciated by many members in the community, somebody that’s shown to maintain neutrality but is also a regular poster/lurker in this sub-forum.

Anyway that’s just my two cents, Thoughts anyone?

I think that nice idea

Maybe we should send this thread to a mod?

If it get’s enough attention I’m sure they’ll see it, so spread the word I guess.

I’ll pm some mods and the staff.

Wait, moderators get paid around here? I always thought it was more based on character judgments from other mods to vouch for a guy, usually?

Mods don’t get paid.

Huh I thought they did.

they do, i’m fairly sure. it’s like, a few cents though.

I think that may have been for when you bought gold or a title, but I might be wrong

When the store was a thing, there was an option to distribute what you paid among the mods. So you could split it up among several mods or send all of it to just one.

I think forum moderators typically don’t get paid and were just members of the community. That always used to be the case, at least.

Kali you damn :ninja:

This would be nice, it’d be cool to see the sticky start growing again with tutorials and the like.

I think Garry said that it isn’t an option to have a section regular as moderator due to bias issues with other regulars, but I just hope we get someone who knows the lingo and happenings going on here that will keep in touch with everything going on too.

Yeah but that was back when Perskins was still a big thing and everyone was in there own segregated communities. Screenshots although not as popular is definitely more diverse now. We have plenty of members that just use the sub-forum as a way to give their artworks more exposure.

Not to mention the people that stuck around have matured since then, at least I’d like to think so.

Or I hope he picks a section regular that can be trusted with a moderation position.


That too

It would be nice to have a mod that actually involves himself/herself in conversations and such.

What criteria follow “trust with a moderation position” is a good question to posit when considering that, though.

Honestly I’d rather this thread not get bogged down with details such as that. I’m sure the Mods have their own Vetting process.

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But if I had to comment on that; MCTBONE FOR SS MOD 2016! I mean he’s been on here for half a decade now and has zero bans, not to mention he’s shown to remain neutral and unbiased in most situations (and the ones he hasn’t been it’s been completely reasonable).

You are too kind but I think some of my posts have been less than reasonable quality in past threads so I might not be a good candidate if there is some sort of vetting process.