Can we get a stone axe?

Takes forever now to make hatchet. Chop 30 wood(10 for furnace, 20 for hatchet), mine 10 rock + metal ore, kill animals (10 animal fat and 10 cloth) for torch fuel, with a rock for gods sake. Make furnace to smelt 10 metal ore. Then make hatchet all the while trying to avoid kos(chaos?) commandos so that you can kill animals easier so you don’t starve, but wait… you cant so you’re screwed cause ya cant kill enough for the torch fuel anyhow.

PLEASE let us make a stone axe with wood and a stone to get started.

Have the swing speed somewhere between a rock and a hatchet? I could see that working…

I don’t think a stone axe would last too long. Realistically, hitting stone against stone would really chip your axe away quickly.

But you can hit rock against rock =P

Right? I think there is sense in a stone knife and axe. Agreed. A blunt rock should be worse, it seems.

Since we are still in alpha, maybe there is something along these lines on the project table, but none-the-less, a very decent consideration.

Your ‘ages’ doesn’t really seem that long to me. Sure, having to try it over and over again after being repeatedly killed might get annoying but then it’s time to change the way you’re playing. It just doesn’t take that long to not only get a hatchet, but a basic shelter and pistol. In fact… you’re probably getting the hatchet at the same time as a pistol.

I think having some stone tools could be fun.
i think the journy of tech from rock to pickaxe, bow to gun should be long and difficult

I’m not against the idea. I just think there should be some sort of health bar with a stone axe. It shouldn’t last too long.

That would be gutt

Let the Europeans play by adding the furnace and fix the campfire that would be nice …