can we get some more casual citizen skins?

can we get some more casual citizen skins?
the only ones we got (that i know of) are the Reffuge Citizen skins and the short sleave citizens…

can we get some more … updated skins?
i mean… don’t get me wrong i LOVE the Reffuge Citizen skins but they get boring… don’t you think?
but yeah come on. more skins for the citizens!

i’m working on one right now and might release it soon, how soon do you need them?

This might be what you want, made by yours truly. :cool:

WOOT! downloaded :smiley:
oh and highvoltage? when ever you get them done would be nice :wink:
i look forward to seeing them…

also, where are there hardly any female casual skins :confused:

when I’m done, all the females will have there own shirts too, i just need more ideas.

wooo!! :smiley:

can you send me a pm when you done them or are you going to make a thread displaying them?

probably a thread so keep your eyes open