Can we get some server name rules to stop admin exploiting? (United Kingdom hosted bu Playrust.EU)

Can there be some sort of rule on server naming? The clan SxG apparently owns and pays hosting for the server (correct me if I’m wrong) and last night they turned on sleeper mode just to take everyone’s stuff while they’re sleeping, while previously it was not enabled and STILL not mentioned in the server name. I think that’s bullsht because now the clan has all the gear once again whilst having it all previously before. I spent 3 hours getting items and all my gear knowing I would still have it tomorrow so I would have some sort of chance when the server becomes populated and to wake up completely naked with nothing while some guy brags about having 30+ M4s and 100+ Kevlar due to SxG tweaking the sleeper mode on over night is lame as fck and seems like a very unfair way to own a server. There should at least be some rules to prevent this from happening again and players getting bumfcked because of Admins giving perks to their clan members.

Edit: Garry forced the change, apologies to SxG. I was told you guys turned it on to take everyone’s stuff.

IIRC, all servers were wiped to implement Sleepers.

Well I guess that’s that. Don’t wanna play a game where clans are made stronger for no reason when they’re already spawn camping and killing rock users on sight.

I felt the same way when I first joined PvP, but a lot has changed after playing Rust for quite some time. You learn a whole lot in regards to survival (which is the point of this game, right?).
And I’m sure the option for PvE will remain, so you can always go there. But keep in mind that there will always be people who raid and/or grief.

SxG is a bunch of little kids and ****** just don’t play on their server period

It’s the fact that even if I lone wolf again, my stuff will be gone when I sleep because the clans would have already made 10x the C4 needed like today. I had my first guns, workbench, metal doors set up and now I have nothing and can accomplish nothing. It’s not about raiding or griefing when by the time it takes to get items you need to sleep and you lose it all anyways.

I’ve actually lasted over a week as a lone wolf (until a server wipe). Building as far away as possible and being careful around resource areas, radiation zones, air drop destinations, etc.

At the moment, I’m one of those “friendly” types who share my stuff and never KOS. My suggestion is to make friends and/or work something out with the clans.

Oh cool, well you give me some sort of hope at least. Just pissed I was ready to experience the game after 4+ hours of playing careful and lost it all and I’m back to the beginning. Makes it hard to want to play with this sleeper mode on because I’ll lose everything again.

Trust me, it has happened to all of us. Many times.

With that said, good luck to you!